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Agency Title-Series Date Effective Name Type Authority
Secretary Of State153-087/13/2017Electioneering ProhibitionInterpretive
W. Va. Code §3-1A-6
Secretary Of State153-0810/25/1985Electioneering ProhibitionInterpretive
§213-1A-6; 3-1-20; 3-1-37; 3-09-6; 3-9-9
Secretary Of State153-087/19/1984Improve Access For Handicapped And Elderly Individuals To Polling Facilities In State Or Local ElectionsInterpretive
Secretary Of State153-086/27/1983Precandidacy Financing Distribution Of Funds When A Potential Officeholder Decides Not To Become A CandidateInterpretive
Agency Title-Series Date Effective Name Type Authority

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