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This site is intended for the legal community to check the status of their cases. View the complete list of possible USPS status descriptions that give details on the current status of SOP delivery. Please note this information comes from the USPS and is beyond the control of the WVSOS office. There is no need to contact the WVSOS office about USPS delivery status, all information is presented on these pages. Please check for additional information or use our help page for search tips and explanations of missing images or images with incorrect signatures. Enter the certified number in the Track & Confirm search field. This information is updated daily, WVSOS only receives updated signature information once a week.

You may prefer to use the Service of Process Packaged Search instead.

Service of Process search


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Search tips
  • Defendant name will be in the form of businessname or first name last name. Searches on the defendant name are "wild-carded" (e.g. a search for 'John' will show results for John Smith).
  • If you specify a clerk and do not specify a civil action number, certified number, or defendant name, then your search will be limited to filings serviced in the last six months.
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