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This web site uses HTTPS/TLS/SSL transport layer crypotography to encrypt and shield important and private data from being seen by other people on the Internet. Most people do not realize traffic on the Internet can be seen by anyone along the path of the message. Much like someone in the postal system could read a post card you mailed home. That post card is visible by anyone with access to it.

To protect sensitive data, web sites using HTTPS encrypt messages using keys so only the sender and receiver can see the original message.

You can verify you are viewing this web site over a secure connection in several ways:

  • There will be a small yellow bar at the top of the web page that says you are viewing over a secure connection. This means everything appears OK to our web server. However, you must also verify that:
  • Your web browser says you are viewing over a secure connection. Typically that means there is a security icon. Each web browser is different, so consult your software's help for more information.
  • The web address begins with Anytime you need to enter a username and password, or transfer other types of sensitive information, the web site address should begin with and have all of these features. Normal web pages will not.

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