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Putnam County Results

General Election - November 4, 2014

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Number of Counties Reporting 55
Number of Precincts 47
Number of Precincts Reporting 47
U.S. Senate
Contest Code: BA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
SHELLEY MOORE CAPITORepublican11,10369.23%281,820
NATALIE TENNANTDemocrat4,54328.33%156,360
JOHN S. BUCKLEYLibertarian1871.17%7,409
BOB HENRY BABERMountain1470.92%5,504
PHIL HUDOKConstitution580.36%2,566
Official  Total Votes: 16,038  
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U.S. House of Representatives — District 2
Contest Code: CADistrict Name: 2nd Congressional District
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
ALEX X. MOONEYRepublican8,13752.44%72,619
NICK CASEYDemocrat5,99538.64%67,687
ED RABELIndependent7845.05%6,250
DAVY JONESLibertarian6003.87%7,682
Official  Total Votes: 15,516  
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State Senate — District 4
Contest Code: KADistrict Name: 4TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
MIKE HALLRepublican9,594100%22,561
Official  Total Votes: 9,594  
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State Senate — District 8
Contest Code: KADistrict Name: 8TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
ED GAUNCHRepublican2,39458.06%14,094
ERIK P. WELLSDemocrat1,56537.96%11,472
MIKE FISHERConstitution1643.98%1,041
Official  Total Votes: 4,123  
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House of Delegates — District 13
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 13TH DELEGATE DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
JOSHUA MARTINDemocrat1,88327.63%3,567
SCOTT CADLERepublican1,82926.84%5,544
MICHAEL IHLERepublican1,74025.54%4,837
JOSH MCGRATHDemocrat1,36219.99%2,942
Official  Total Votes: 6,814  
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House of Delegates — District 14
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 14TH DELEGATE DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
JIM BUTLERRepublican64869.08%2,755
JOHNNY ROACHDemocrat29030.92%1,684
Official  Total Votes: 938  
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House of Delegates — District 15
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 15th Delegate District
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
GEOFF FOSTERRepublican4,20979.36%4,209
CHRISTIAN WATTSIndependent1,09520.64%1,095
Official  Total Votes: 5,304  
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House of Delegates — District 22
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 22ND DELEGATE DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
MICHEL G. MOFFATTRepublican1,97244.41%3,756
JUSTIN MULLINSRepublican1,09624.68%3,093
JEFF ELDRIDGEDemocrat69715.70%3,367
GARY MCCALLISTERDemocrat67515.20%2,927
Official  Total Votes: 4,440  
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House of Delegates — District 38
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 38TH DELEGATE DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
PATRICK LANERepublican1,665100%4,365
Official  Total Votes: 1,665  
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Family Court Judge - Unexpired Term — District 26
Contest Code: NU
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
RICHARD "RICK" WITTRepublican10,63769.57%10,637
DAVID L HILLDemocrat4,65230.43%4,652
Official  Total Votes: 15,289  
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County Commission/County Council
Contest Code: PDDistrict Name: 40TH COUNTYWIDE
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
STEPHEN "STEVE" ANDESRepublican12,369100%12,369
Official  Total Votes: 12,369  

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