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Date/Time: 9/26/2023 -- 10:00 AM
To reserve time to address the WV WTAAFRC contact ROBERT HOGE, CHAIR
304.425.4911  Option 4 


1.Roll call and determination of whether a voting quorum is present.

2.Approval of minutes of previous meeting. March 28, 2023

3. Financial report. Balance July 2023 $ 861,040.61

4.Media items, if any.

5- WTAAF matters dealt with by any TAAFRC member due to outside contact.Monroe Co looking to upgrade a current tower to accommodate a SIRN site and connectivity to the 9-1-1 Center

6. Status reports regarding uncompleted Projects which have received grant funds:

TAF WETZEL 19A (WILEYVILLE) New generator is in, all foundation work complete, outside grounding in place, they should begin the electrical upgrades and interior grounding soon. Steve Yoho 4-20-2023. meet with Premier Construction Yesterday, we have the first 40 feet of the tower standing and we meet with the crane company and we will have to remove a few more trees and build a pad to park the crane on at the site so that they can stand the rest of the tower, the pad will be built next week and hopefully the week after that they can get the crane in there and stand the rest of the tower. Generator has been installed and they are going to begin the grounding system inside the building in the next couple of weeks. We are looking into a Microwave hop to the Archies Fork Tower as well. Steve Yoho 5-24-2023. Good progress being made now, the crane has been in stacking steel for us. Steve Yoho 6-22-2023. , I just got back from the tower site, the structural steel tower is not fully standing, all 300 feet of it, now they have the electrical upgrades to do in the building and the halo grounding system to install in the building as well as our DC powerplants to get installed. Hopefully soon we can get antenna and microwaves installed on the tower and begin getting things moved over from the old tower so that it can be taken down, the twist in it kind of worries me, afraid it is going to fall any time on its own. My next step is getting ahold of someone about getting the grant to put the statewide radio equipment onto the new tower as well. Steve Yoho 7-20-2023. The steel is complete on the Hoyt Ridge Tower, We are still working on getting the antennas in and placed onto the tower as well as getting the dc power plant , grounding inside the building and getting the electrical upgrades on the building done so that we can get switched over to the new tower Hopefully by the end of the year. Steve Yoho, Director

TAF FAYETTE 21A (VALLEY) . We are at demolition of the old Verizon reflector site. Marion said last week that they will be starting on that next week. Waiting in line with everyone else. Phillip Pack 5-24-2023. Starting demolition of the old site. Phillip Pack 6-23-23. site clearing this week. We have generator ordered, we will start building remodel next week and should start tower demo as well. Marion Daugherty 8-25-2023

TAF HARDY 21A (LOST CITY) , the project is beginning the construction side, site is ready, road is built, power is applied for, tower is ready for delivery FAA and FCC is approved, environmental is approved. Building is ordered. Joe Gonzalez 4-20-2023. Ordering Aviat equipment and digging for under ground electric. The steel arriving shortly. Working on the Frequencies. Paul Lewis 5-23-2023. We have run all of the conduit for the underground electric and fiber for the site. We are in the process of lining up the drilling group to drill for the piers and that should be shortly. We have ordered the building; the steel is ordered and Aviat has been contracted. Therefore, construction should start any time. We are all working on the frequencies if the site every opens back up in order to do the paperwork. Paul Lewis 6-22-2023. We are currently working on and filing paperwork for the frequencies. The contractor is supposed to start drilling for the piers and once they are cured, they should start placing the steel. We have the electric conduit in place along with fiber optic cable for the tower. I have just recently made some contact with some cell companies to see if there is interest in the site Paul Lewis 7-20-2023. We are meeting with AVIAT every other week to keep up on the status of the project and I will be meeting with Motorola this week to discuss the tower. I am waiting on a work schedule from Marion as to when certain work will be done on the tower. I have the steel and building ordered. There was no problem with the path between Helmick Roack and Lost City when Aviat did the study. I am hoped to get a schedule from Marion this week. I am also still waiting on the funds from the 2022 HSGP Grant. No one seem to know anything about where the funds are at this point. .Paul Lewis 8-21-2023

TAF NICHOLAS 21A (9-1-1) still on track to open the new center sometime in July John McGinnis 4-20-2023. We are ahead of schedule. Tying up all the loose ends, tentative date for us is July 1. John McGinnis 5-23-2023. Nicholas is still on schedule to be in service and running by Aug 1, 2023 John McGinnis 6-22-2023. No change John McGinnis 7-20-2023. No updates, project is still under construction and a work in progress John McGinnis 8-21-2023

TAF CLAY 21A (CLAY) We have broken ground. They are doing dirt work for the pad and access road now. Should be done with that in 2 weeks then Marion will start the foundation for the tower. David Schoolcraft 4-21-2023. dirt work is done. We will be stating the foundation for the tower in the next few weeks David Schoolcraft 5-24-2023. Site is ready just waiting in Marion to do the foundation. The tower is ready to ship to us so were moving right along. David Schoolcraft 6-23-2023. Looking at onsite building (not prefab) awaiting foundation drawings form Allstate to begin drilling. Marion Daugherty 8-29-2023

TAF GRANT 22B (BAYARD) On March 28, 2023, the Commission signed with Premier Construction. It all begins now. Peggy Alt 4-4-2023. working on environmentals and engineering. We will be ordering steel shortly. Peggy Alt 5-23-2023. We will purchase steel as soon as we draft money to Premier and plan is ready. Peggy Alt 6-23-23. Premier Construction has the money from the Grant County Commission for the steel. Steel is ordered. The Environmentals are almost complete and scheduling the GEOs .Peggy Alt 7-20-2023. Steel is paid for and on order. Motorola and premier working on license. Peggy Alt 8-21-2023

TAF CABELL 22A (BARBOURSVILLE) The Site layout had to be updated to reduce the amount of dirt needing moved, Site trees and brush were removed to comply with request from the US fish and wildlife service. Steve Vititoe 4-20-2023. Invoice for the first half of the tower steel was sent over to the courthouse for payment. Getting the shelter ordered. Steve Vititoe 2-25-2023. Tower ordered and 50% deposit sent. Quote for building processed and PO issued. Steven D. Vititoe 6-22-2023. The preliminary site prep is completed and they were marking the site foundation work Thursday the 17th. Steve Vititoe 8-21-2023.

Additional items as appropriate.

7.Next meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m., in the small first floor hearing room of the WVPSC Building (201 Brooks Street, Charleston, WV) and conference bridge on September 26, 2023

8.Order and/or subject matter of agenda items may change during the meeting.

2023 MEETINGS: (Last Tuesday of Month, except December) November 28, 2023, December 12, 2023

Meeting was accepted : 9/12/2023 2:36:17 PM

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Tuesday, October 3, 2023 — 12:03 AM