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Braxton County Results

General Election - November 4, 2008

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Number of Counties Reporting 55
Number of Precincts None/Not available
Number of Precincts Reporting None/Not available
U.S. President
Contest Code: AA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Barack Hussein ObamaDemocrat2,70450%303,857
John Sidney McCain IIIRepublican2,62948.61%397,466
Ralph NaderNo Affiliation420.78%7,219
Cynthia Ann McKinneyMountain190.35%2,355
Charles Obadiah BaldwinConstitution140.26%2,465
Official  Total Votes: 5,408  
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U.S. Senate
Contest Code: BA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
John Davison Rockefeller IVDemocrat3,76173.40%447,560
Matthew Jay WolfeRepublican1,36326.60%254,629
Official  Total Votes: 5,124  
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U.S. House of Representatives — District 2
Contest Code: CA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Elizabeth Anne BarthDemocrat2,87354.29%110,819
Shelley Moore CapitoRepublican2,41945.71%147,334
Official  Total Votes: 5,292  
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Contest Code: DA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Joe Manchin, IIIDemocrat4,08376.99%492,697
Russell E. Weeks JrRepublican1,11120.95%181,612
Jesse C. Johnson, Jr.Mountain1092.06%31,486
Official  Total Votes: 5,303  
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Secretary of State
Contest Code: EA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Natalie TennantDemocrat3,83279.24%437,430
Charles Theophilus MinimahRepublican1,00420.76%230,283
Official  Total Votes: 4,836  
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Contest Code: FA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Glen B. Gainer IIIDemocrat4,011100%525,084
Official  Total Votes: 4,011  
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State Treasurer
Contest Code: GA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
John D. PerdueDemocrat3,937100%520,406
Official  Total Votes: 3,937  
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Commissioner of Agriculture
Contest Code: HA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Gus R. DouglassDemocrat3,42568.35%352,242
James Michael TeetsRepublican1,58631.65%311,496
Official  Total Votes: 5,011  
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Attorney General
Contest Code: IA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Darrell V. McGraw, Jr.Democrat3,02861.92%342,011
Daniel W.GreearRepublican1,86238.08%336,699
Official  Total Votes: 4,890  
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Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals
Contest Code: JA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Menis E. KetchumDemocrat3,05039.33%355,778
Margaret Lee WorkmanDemocrat2,80536.17%336,346
Elizabeth D. WalkerRepublican1,90024.50%329,395
Official  Total Votes: 7,755  
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State Senate — District 12
Contest Code: KA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Douglas Eugene FacemireDemocrat4,188100%34,203
Official  Total Votes: 4,188  
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House of Delegates — District 34
Contest Code: LA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Lawrence Brent BoggsDemocrat4,34183.85%5,206
Larry Michael BrightRepublican83616.15%1,034
Official  Total Votes: 5,177  
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Circuit Judge — District 14 — Division 1
Contest Code: MA - Division 1
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Richard Allen FacemireDemocrat4,379100%11,350
Official  Total Votes: 4,379  
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Circuit Judge — District 14 — Division 2
Contest Code: MA - Division 2
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Jack AlsopDemocrat3,863100%10,745
Official  Total Votes: 3,863  
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Family Court Judge — District 17
Contest Code: NA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
Robert Reed SowaRepublican2,432100%13,535
Official  Total Votes: 2,432  

In an ongoing effort to keep you informed of election night results, these pages contain data supplied by the counties in West Virginia. As this data is received from the various counties, the Secretary of State's office will summarize and post the information to this site. Despite our good faith efforts to be accurate, these pages and our databases may contain inadvertent errors and should not be relied on as official results until certified. Please e-mail us immediately if you notice an error. Results do not include write-in candidate information.

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