Attention Viewers

The information contained in the charity list is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office through data obtained from the charitable organizations' filing documents with this office and the United States Internal Revenue Service. When viewing the information please note the following:

Note To Charitable Organizations

If you are part of a charitable organization and your organization is not on this list, you may need to register with our office. If so, please contact our office to see if your organization needs to be registered. Also, please contact our office if your charity is listed but you have questions about the data associated with your organization. We can be reached at 304-558-8000 or

Charity Disbursement Types

  1. Admin = % of money disbursed for the purpose of operating the organization;
  2. Fundraiser = % of money disbursed to cover the costs of fundraising activities or paying for professional fundraisers; and
  3. Charity = % of money disbursed for the direct purpose or cause of the organization.

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