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The format of many case numbers is XX-X-XXX although there are many variations depending on the county or U.S. Court numbering scheme. In analyzing our data, we've discovered we sometimes accidentally enter an equal sign "=" instead of the hyphen. Try substituting that if a defendant record doesn't come up. The search is not case sensitive.

Missing Images Or Images With Incorrect Signature

Should you find the status as delivered and there is no image, we are working with the USPS to provide us the signatures. If you have an immediate need for a signature file, please contact the Secretary of State's office, 304-558-6000.

USPS requires a signature whenever certified mail is returned to sender. When mail from the Secretary of State is returned, it is processed and signed by the state's central mailing office. If your mail was intended for a private entity (that is, anyone other than a state officer or agency) and the signature below is that of Kathy Thomas, Deanna Karlen, State of West Virginia, or Central Mailing Office, then your mail was NOT DELIVERED and will be returned to the clerk of the appropriate court.


If a regular case or a defendant cannot be located through the search, e-mail us the name of the county or court, the date filed with the Secretary of State, the case number and first defendant (or missing defendant), and we will correct our record or let you know what characters to enter to perform the search.

If you feel you have entered the correct information, and the case information does not appear, please contact us at 304-558-6000 or 866-767-8683 or

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