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Hampshire Co. Republican Executive Committee Executive Committee
Name Type Category Mailing Address E-Mail
Hampshire Co. Republican Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee RepublicanMailing Address
Sonja K. Embrey
P.O. Box 696
Augusta WV 26704

PAC Campaign Finance Information

Online reports found:0   |   Paper reports found:17

View Type of Report Report Name Filing For Date Filed
ViewPaperP1 First-Primary *Waiver20084/7/2008
ViewPaperG1 First General200610/12/2006
ViewPaperP3 Post-Primary200610/12/2006
ViewPaperP2 Pre-Primary200610/12/2006
ViewPaperP1 First-Primary200610/12/2006
ViewPaperG2 Pre-General20041/3/2005
ViewPaperG3 Post-General20041/3/2005
ViewPaperP3 Post-Primary20046/17/2004
ViewPaperP2 Pre-Primary20045/3/2004
ViewPaperP1 First-Primary20044/2/2004
ViewPaperA Annual20024/7/2003
ViewPaperG3 Post-General200212/9/2002
ViewPaperG2 Pre-General200211/14/2002
ViewPaperG1 First General200210/9/2002
ViewPaperP3 Post-Primary20026/14/2002
ViewPaperP2 Pre-Primary20025/7/2002
ViewPaperP1 First-Primary *Waiver20024/9/2002
View Type of Report Report Name Filing For Date Filed

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