State of West Virginia Campaign Financial Statement
(Long Form) in Relation to the 2012 Election Year

Candidate or Committee Name
Wood Co. Republican Executive Committee
Candidate or Committee's Treasurer
Sharon L. Smith
Political Party (for candidates)
Treasurer's Mailing Address (Street, Route, or P.O. Box)
2101 Maxwell Avenue 
Office Sought (for Candidates)
City, State, Zip Code
Parkersburg, WV 26101
Daytime Phone #

Election Cycle Reporting Period (check one):

Primary - First Report
Due Mar 31-Apr 06, 2012Mar 31-Apr 06, 2012
Pre-primary Report
Due Apr 23-Apr 27, 2012Apr 23-Apr 27, 2012
Post-primary Report
Due May 21-Jun 19, 2012May 21-Jun 19, 2012
General - First Report
Due Sep 24-Sep 28, 2012Sep 24-Sep 28, 2012
Pre-general Report
Due Oct 22-Oct 26, 2012Oct 22-Oct 26, 2012
Post-general Report
Due Nov 19-Dec 19, 2012Nov 19-Dec 19, 2012

Check if Applicable:

Amended Report
You must also check box of appropriate reporting period
Final Report
Zero balance required.
PAC must also file Form F-6 Dissolution

Non-Election Cycle Reporting Period:

Annual Report 2012 Calendar Year
Due last Saturday in March or within 6 days thereafter

Report Totals

Fill in totals at the completion of the report.

RECEIPTS OF FUNDS: Totals for this Period
Contributions  $2,347.00
Monetary Contributions from all Fund-Raising Events +$0.00
Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds +$0.00
Total Monetary Contributions: =$2,347.00
In-Kind Contributions +$0.00
Total Contributions: =$2,347.00
Other Income  $0.00
Loans Received +$0.00
Total Other Income: =$0.00
Unpaid Bills  $0.00
Outstanding Loans +$0.00
Total Debts: =$0.00
(Add total contributions from all reports)
Beginning Balance
(ending balance from previous report)
Total Monetary Contributions +$2,347.00
Total Other Income +$0.00
Subtotal: a. =$3,587.11
Total Expenditures Paid  $2,981.00
Total Disbursements of Excess Funds +$0.00
Repayment of Loans +$0.00
Subtotal: b. =$2,981.00
Ending Balance:
(Subtotal a. - Subtotal b.)

*Cannot be negative balance
(Add total expenditures from all reports)

$250.00 or LESS

10/2/2012Gregory Berry$25.00
10/2/2012Gladys Lemely$100.00
10/5/2012Lowell Spencer$6.50
10/5/2012Norma Davis$74.00
10/5/2012Putnam County Executive Committee$92.50
10/5/2012Lona Johnson$6.00
10/9/2012Wirt County Republican executive Comm$65.00
10/9/2012Judith Ann Huffman$25.00
10/15/2012Wirt County Republican executive Comm$13.00
10/15/2012Carol Kalwa-Pickron$25.00
10/5/2012Erin Pritchard$8.00
10/5/2012Catherine Davidson$10.00
10/5/2012David Sims$10.00
10/5/2012Cathy Ballenger$6.50
10/5/2012Lucille Morales$6.00
10/5/2012Alan Maul$14.00
10/5/2012Chris Bunting$4.00
10/5/2012David Shutts$8.00
10/5/2012Greg Miller$5.00
10/5/2012Mike rogers$4.00
10/5/2012Phil Shept$2.00
10/5/2012Nicdia Milden$20.00
10/5/2012Lois Stewart$20.00
10/5/2012Jack Duke$3.00
10/5/2012John Thornberry$14.00
10/5/2012Lisa Wells$6.00
10/5/2012Chris Shinn$5.00
10/5/2012Desiree Kerns$11.00
10/5/2012Nora Perkins$5.00
10/5/2012Debbie Douglass$14.00
10/5/2012Grace Badgley$2.00
10/5/2012Julie Deklaum$10.50
10/5/2012Wayne Myers$2.50
10/5/2012Leola Caberth$4.00
10/5/2012Dorce Perkins$2.00
10/5/2012Jordan Burgess$2.00
10/5/2012David Stastny$2.00
10/5/2012Amber Whitr$20.00
10/5/2012Chris Stull$15.00
10/5/2012Jon Lands$12.50
10/5/2012Jason Bailes$3.50
10/5/2012Kyra Smith$5.00
10/5/2012Lou Ruf$4.00
10/5/2012Dee Avington$6.00
10/5/2012Ginger Nalley$40.00
10/5/2012Terri Flinn$15.00
10/5/2012Carol Kalwa-Pickron$25.00
10/5/2012Earl Talbert$4.00
10/5/2012Eve Fletcher$2.00
10/5/2012Gerney Gurrell$36.00
10/5/2012Rebecca McMurray$2.00
10/5/2012Pam Howell$2.00
10/5/2012Sarah Casto$5.00
10/5/2012Jennifer Kerns$21.00
10/5/2012Regina Abbott$16.00
10/5/2012Anne-Claire Schood$2.00
10/5/2012Lora Cooper$8.00
10/5/2012Jean Newberry$2.00
10/5/2012Ilona Johnson$16.00
10/5/2012Angelica Taherson$10.00
10/5/2012Dorthy Warel$50.00
10/5/2012Cardyn Gerber$3.00
10/5/2012Kim Kesterson$16.00
10/5/2012Jeannie Boyd$5.00
10/9/2012Ginger Nalley$50.00
10/9/2012Mary Osborne$20.00
10/9/2012Lyndon Love$22.00
10/9/2012Jesse DeBarr$11.00
10/9/2012William Baxter$4.00
10/9/2012Ed Hildebrand$13.00
10/9/2012Earl Lucas$18.00
10/9/2012Mark VanHorn$12.00
10/9/2012Robert Hill$15.00
10/9/2012Jane Richards$10.00
10/9/2012Scott Wilson$11.00
10/9/2012Mary Ann Smith$10.00
10/9/2012Robin Crumbaker$18.00
10/9/2012Mary Ann Smith$11.00
10/9/2012Judy Peterson$12.00
10/9/2012Sherry LeMasters$16.00
10/9/2012Beverly Creel$15.00
10/9/2012Bob Tebay$16.00
10/9/2012Bradley Morehead$4.00
10/9/2012Jim Johnson$5.00
10/9/2012Dan Wyatt$20.00
10/9/2012Greg Harper$6.00
10/9/2012Michael Rogers$16.00
10/9/2012John Zimmerman$9.00
10/9/2012Douglas Cameron$15.00
10/9/2012Jim Johnston$5.00
10/9/2012Gammer Norman$20.00
10/9/2012Pamela Young$20.00
10/15/2012Ginger Nalley$40.00
10/15/2012Frank Meredith$5.00
10/15/2012Warren walker$14.00
10/15/2012Tim Alfred$8.00
10/15/2012Lowell Spencer$8.50
10/15/2012Sanyo Cook$5.50
10/15/2012Leola Caberth$12.00
10/15/2012Lewis Rexroad$6.50
10/15/2012Mike Roby$5.00
10/15/2012Theo Booth$15.00
10/15/2012Taylor Jones$5.00
10/15/2012Danny Benson$10.00
10/15/2012Maggie McCluskey$17.00
10/15/2012Sean McHenry$8.00
10/15/2012Jay Miller$16.00
10/15/2012Norma Davis$44.00
10/9/2012Norma Davis$30.00
10/15/2012Randall Babcock$3.00
10/15/2012Bob Sadler$15.00
10/15/2012Melissa Jarvis$8.00
10/15/2012Leta McCarty$2.00
10/15/2012Gerry Gurrell$14.00
10/15/2012Norma Deem$5.00
10/15/2012Thomas Wood$25.00
10/15/2012Dave Sweeney$5.00
10/15/2012Ed Berry$5.00
10/15/2012Paul Butterfield$4.00
10/15/2012Tim Miller$8.00
10/15/2012Tammy Pasternak$7.00
10/15/2012Sharon Crawley$7.00
10/15/2012Kim Meredith$4.00
10/15/2012Tim Mowery$8.00
10/15/2012Jennifer White$20.00
10/15/2012Marilyn Lipps$18.00
10/15/2012Jerry Thompson$11.00
10/15/2012Judy Parrist$10.00
10/15/2012Kim Milhoan$29.00
10/15/2012Dianne Wyant$40.00
10/15/2012Michelle Hickman$20.00
10/15/2012Jack Bogard$20.00
10/15/2012Jackie Bogard$20.00
10/15/2012Mike Sandifer$20.00
10/15/2012Gregg Dedutsie$10.00
10/15/2012Norma Cogar$17.00
10/15/2012Gail Knapp$18.00
10/15/2012Debra Shears$12.00
10/15/2012Michael Ong$18.00
10/15/2012Eddie Atkinson$10.00
10/15/2012Dick Wilhelm$14.00
10/15/2012Ron Knapp$3.00
10/15/2012Mike Kirsch$20.00
10/15/2012Phil Ondrusk$10.00
10/15/2012Jim Cotterham$15.00
10/15/2012Gary Tucker$17.00
10/15/2012Steve Tucker$10.00
10/15/2012Jo Morris$16.00
10/15/2012Lewis Rexroad$14.00
10/15/2012Marie Cutright$30.00
10/15/2012Jay Gerber$15.00
10/15/2012Mike West$14.00
10/15/2012Suzanne Nisnnet$20.00
10/9/2012Greg Smith$35.00
10/15/2012Jordan Burgess$40.00
10/15/2012Mike Howerton$29.00
 Subtotal of contributions of $250.00 or less$2,347.00

More than $250.00

 Subtotal of all contributions of more than $250.00
Subtotal of all contributions of $250 or less
Total Contributions:

Other Income: Interest, Refunds, Miscellaneous Receipts

DateSource of IncomeType of ReceiptAmount
  Total Other Income: $0.00

In-Kind Contributions

DateName and Contributor InformationDescription of ContributionValue
  Total In-Kind Contributions: $0


West Virginia Code: §3-8-5f. Loans to candidates, organizations or persons for election purposes.

"Every candidate, financial agent, person or association of persons or organization advocating or opposing the nomination or election of any candidate or the passage or defeat of any issue or item to be voted upon may not receive any money or any other thing of value toward election expenses except from the candidate, his or her spouse or a lending institution. All loans shall be evidenced by a written agreement executed by the lender, whether the candidate, his or her spouse, or the lending institution. Such agreement shall state the date and amount of the loan, the terms, including interest and repayment schedule, and a description of the collateral, if any, and the full names and addresses of all parties to the agreement. A copy of the agreement shall be filed with the financial statement next required after the loan is executed."

The loan agreement must include all items asked for in the statute. (See above.) The loan agreement does not have to follow a certain format; generally, if all the required information is listed, any format is acceptable. Candidates or political committees that take out a loan for the campaign through a bank or other commercial lending institution must include a copy of the loan agreement executed with that bank or institution. Candidates should not take out loans which are partially for personal use and partially for the campaign. It is almost impossible to keep reporting straight in this case. Any money a candidate contributes to his or her campaign committee with the hope of repayment must be treated as a loan and reported in this section. When a candidate determines that no further repayment can be expected, the loan can be reported as repaid in this section by entering the amount left to repay in the repayments column and reporting the same amount as a contribution from the candidate on Page 2. These loans must be executed in writing. Caution: Candidates may not carry outstanding loans from one campaign to the next. Each campaign is separate. Funds from a current campaign cannot be used to repay a loan from a previous campaign.

How To Report Loans

  1. Each loan for your campaign should be listed on a separate line. (Each time you loan money to the campaign or get a loan, it is considered to be a separate loan.) Include the following information ont he form below.
    1. loans(s) from prior reporting periods and the balance of each loan (Col A.) If a payment was made on the loan, list that in Col. C. Any loan that was repaid in previous reporting periods does not need to be listed.
    2. new loans, the amount (Col. B), any repayments (Col. C), and the balance (Col. D.)
  2. Attach a copy of the loan agreement for each loan received during the reporting period.

Loans (Continued)

Bank Loans: List name & address or financial institution
Candidate or Candidate's Spouse Loans: List name, residence and mailing address of person(s) making or cosigning loan
Column A
Balance of previous loan at end of period
Column B
Amount of new loan received during period
Column C
Repayments during period
Column D
Balance outstanding at end of period
Amount Date Amount Date Amount Amount
Loans Received Repayment of Loans Outstanding Loans
Totals: $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Itemized Expenditures

DateName of Person or Vendor And AddressPurposeAmount
9/26/2012 Washington County Executive Committee
301 Green Street
Marietta, OH 45750
10/18/2012 Bulletin Board
405 19th Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101
10/18/2012 Parkersburg News
501 Juliana Street
Parkersburg, WV 26104
  Total Expenditures: $2,981.00

Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds

DateCandidate Committee Name and YearAmount
 Total Receipts of Transfer of Excess Funds: $0.00

Disbursement of Excess Funds

DateName of candidate committee and election year disbursing excess fundsPurpose of DisbursementAmount
  Total Disbursement of Excess Funds: $0

Unpaid Bills

DateGroup or Firm AffiliationPurposeAmount
  Total Unpaid Bills: $0.00

Office Use Only
Filed With West Virginia Secretary of State
Monday, March 18, 2013 2:19:33 PM