State of West Virginia Campaign Financial Statement
(Long Form) in Relation to the 2008 Election Year

Candidate or Committee Name
Bankers Political Committee (West Virginia Bankers PAC)
Candidate or Committee's Treasurer
Deborah K. Polen
Political Party (for candidates)
Treasurer's Mailing Address (Street, Route, or P.O. Box)
P.O. Box 3844 
Office Sought (for Candidates)
City, State, Zip Code
Charleston, WV 25338
Daytime Phone #
(304) 343-8838

Election Cycle Reporting Period (check one):

Primary - First Report
Due Mar 29-Apr 04, 2008
Pre-primary Report
Due Apr 28-May 02, 2008
Post-primary Report
Due May 26-May 30, 2008
General - First Report
Due Sep 22-Sep 26, 2008
Pre-general Report
Due Oct 20-Oct 24, 2008
Post-general Report
Due Nov 17-Nov 21, 2008

Check if Applicable:

Amended Report
You must also check box of appropriate reporting period
Final Report
Zero balance required.
PAC must also file Form F-6 Dissolution

Non-Election Cycle Reporting Period:

Annual Report 2008 Calendar Year
Due last Saturday in March or within 6 days thereafter

Report Totals

Fill in totals at the completion of the report.

RECEIPTS OF FUNDS: Totals for this Period
Contributions  $41,850.00
Monetary Contributions from all Fund-Raising Events +$0.00
Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds +$0.00
Total Monetary Contributions: =$41,850.00
In-Kind Contributions +$0.00
Total Contributions: =$41,850.00
Other Income  $1,896.41
Loans Received +$0.00
Total Other Income: =$1,896.41
Unpaid Bills  $0.00
Outstanding Loans +$0.00
Total Debts: =$0.00
(Add total contributions from all reports)
Beginning Balance
(ending balance from previous report)
Total Monetary Contributions +$41,850.00
Total Other Income +$1,896.41
Subtotal: a. =$83,332.89
Total Expenditures Paid  $4,681.69
Total Disbursements of Excess Funds +$0.00
Repayment of Loans +$0.00
Subtotal: b. =$4,681.69
Ending Balance:
(Subtotal a. - Subtotal b.)

*Cannot be negative balance
(Add total expenditures from all reports)

$250.00 or LESS

4/16/2007Stanley Kiser$50.00
4/16/2007Larry Jones$50.00
4/16/2007Harry Comm$150.00
4/16/2007William File$150.00
4/16/2007Mary Hooten Williams$150.00
4/16/2007Hugh Clonch$150.00
4/30/2007Edward Skriner$150.00
4/30/2007Eddie Canterbury$150.00
4/30/2007Marjorie Oakley$150.00
4/30/2007LaVeta Jean Ray$150.00
4/30/2007Walter Vance$150.00
4/30/2007Clell Peyton$150.00
4/30/2007William Wagner$150.00
4/30/2007David McCormick$150.00
4/30/2007Earle Queen$150.00
4/30/2007Glenn Yost$150.00
4/30/2007MIchael Winter$150.00
4/30/2007James Hair$150.00
4/30/2007Mark Eckleberry$150.00
4/30/2007John Fitzjohn$150.00
4/30/2007Jerry Linger$150.00
4/30/2007Suzan Smith$150.00
4/30/2007B.A. Hardesty$50.00
4/30/2007William McDavid$150.00
5/4/2007Jean Chaney$150.00
5/4/2007Larry Thornton$50.00
5/4/2007Maime Gnage$50.00
5/4/2007Vince Collins$50.00
5/4/2007Michael Bray$150.00
5/4/2007Ralph Bean, Jr.$150.00
5/4/2007Randall Light$150.00
5/4/2007Evans King$150.00
5/4/2007Patrick Kelly$150.00
5/4/2007Patrick Deem$150.00
5/4/2007William Smith$150.00
5/4/2007James Russell$150.00
5/4/2007Art Standish$150.00
5/4/2007Robert Steptoe, Jr.$150.00
5/4/2007John Stump$150.00
5/4/2007Fred Williams$150.00
5/4/2007Albert Schwabe II$150.00
5/4/2007Robert Astorg$150.00
5/4/2007Dan Ferguson$150.00
5/4/2007Leroy Rashid$150.00
5/4/2007J. Paul McNamara$150.00
5/4/2007Ike Smith$150.00
5/4/2007Steven Wilson$150.00
5/4/2007Joe Wilson$150.00
5/4/2007John Neuner$150.00
5/4/2007Paul Clinton Winter$150.00
5/4/2007Delores Wilkes$150.00
5/4/2007Daniel Wharton$150.00
5/4/2007Mary Weddle$150.00
5/4/2007J.T. Moore$150.00
5/4/2007John McMahon$150.00
5/4/2007Alan Klein$150.00
5/4/2007Arthur King$150.00
5/4/2007Russell Isaacs$150.00
5/4/2007James Hamer$150.00
5/4/2007Thomas Corder$150.00
5/4/2007R. Terry Butcher$150.00
5/4/2007Larry Salyers$150.00
5/4/2007Kenneth Greear$150.00
5/4/2007Charles Mildren$150.00
5/4/2007Douglas Ernest$150.00
5/4/2007Terry Shaffer$150.00
5/4/2007Timothy Kinsey$150.00
5/4/2007Lyle Smith$150.00
5/4/2007Brad Ritchie$150.00
5/4/2007Ami Shaver$150.00
5/4/2007Anthony Gentile$150.00
5/4/2007Rick Adams$250.00
6/30/2007Richard Homan$100.00
6/30/2007T.J. Bowman$100.00
6/30/2007Roger Champ$100.00
6/30/2007R.C. Phares$100.00
6/30/2007William Loving$100.00
6/30/2007Dolan Irvine$100.00
6/30/2007Carole Hartman$100.00
6/30/2007John Glover$100.00
6/30/2007Jerry Moore$100.00
6/30/2007Dick Dlesk$150.00
6/30/2007Mike Lieving$150.00
6/30/2007Linda Arnold$150.00
6/30/2007Charles Piccirillo$150.00
6/30/2007Charles Halterman$150.00
6/30/2007H. Charles Maddy$150.00
6/30/2007Gerald Huffman$150.00
6/30/2007Russell Ratliff, Jr.$150.00
6/30/2007Dave Robertson$100.00
6/30/2007Ronald Miller$150.00
6/30/2007Gary Hinkle$150.00
6/30/2007Jeffrey Hott$150.00
6/30/2007Phoebe Heishman$100.00
6/30/2007Frank Baer$150.00
6/30/2007Donald Biller$150.00
6/30/2007Thomas Hawse, Jr.$150.00
6/30/2007John Crites$150.00
6/30/2007Oscar Bean$150.00
6/30/2007David VanMeter$150.00
6/30/2007G. Thomas Battle$150.00
6/30/2007Duke McDaniel$150.00
6/30/2007D. Stephen Walker$150.00
6/30/2007Robert Schoonover$250.00
6/30/2007Max Armentrout$200.00
6/30/2007B.J. Brown$200.00
6/30/2007Edward Campbell$200.00
6/30/2007Zetta Harris$200.00
6/30/2007Bill Johnson$200.00
6/30/2007Dickson Kidwell$200.00
6/30/2007Franklin Santmyer$200.00
6/30/2007Thomas Wamsley$200.00
6/30/2007Lowell Williams$200.00
6/30/2007Curtis Woodford$200.00
6/30/2007John Yaeger$200.00
6/30/2007Cyrus Kump$200.00
8/15/2007Jull Runion$25.00
8/15/2007Angela Zirk$25.00
8/15/2007Barbara Gorenflo$25.00
8/15/2007Teresa Sherman$25.00
8/15/2007Bobby Cooper$50.00
8/15/2007Jay Mongold$50.00
8/15/2007Debra Davis$50.00
8/15/2007Felicity Ours$50.00
8/15/2007Mark Wright$100.00
8/15/2007John Harper$150.00
8/15/2007Vance Williams$150.00
8/15/2007Scott Jennings$150.00
8/15/2007Patrick Frye$150.00
8/15/2007Douglas Mitchell$150.00
8/15/2007Robert Tissue$50.00
9/17/2007Emma Byrnside$150.00
9/17/2007David Sayre$150.00
9/17/2007Lawrence Foley$150.00
9/17/2007James Paul Geary$150.00
10/15/2007Thomas Whaling$150.00
10/15/2007Robert Walker$250.00
10/15/2007Elizabeth Holder$150.00
10/15/2007Toney Adkins$150.00
10/15/2007Neil Scaggs$150.00
10/15/2007Keith Molian$200.00
10/26/2007Wyatt Scaggs$150.00
10/26/2007Percy Osborne$150.00
10/26/2007Sam Kapourales$150.00
10/26/2007Eugene Williams$100.00
10/26/2007Loudoun Thompson$100.00
10/26/2007Afton Malick$100.00
10/26/2007Walter Layman$100.00
10/26/2007John Bakanowsky$100.00
10/26/2007Elizabeth Parsons$100.00
10/26/2007Kennth Voit$100.00
10/26/2007William Milleson$100.00
10/26/2007Garry Shanholtz$100.00
10/26/2007Tommy Clay$150.00
11/5/2007Grant McGuire$150.00
11/5/2007Peggy Brown$150.00
11/5/2007J. Roger Smith$150.00
11/5/2007John Jay White$150.00
11/5/2007Edwrd Morrison$150.00
11/5/2007Sally Oxley$150.00
11/5/2007Paul Reidel$150.00
11/5/2007R. Sterling Hall$150.00
11/5/2007Earl Heiner$150.00
11/5/2007Marc Sprouse$150.00
11/5/2007Richard McWhorter$150.00
11/5/2007Laura Fox$150.00
11/5/2007Thomas Stafford$150.00
11/5/2007Edward Lester, Jr.$150.00
11/5/2007Pat Reed$150.00
11/5/2007James Sizemore$150.00
11/5/2007Dennis Klingensmith$150.00
11/5/2007John Meyers$25.00
11/5/2007Mario Liberatore$100.00
11/5/2007Rick Handley$100.00
11/5/2007Charles Lanham$150.00
11/7/2007Reed Burke$50.00
11/7/2007Peter Jaworski$50.00
11/7/2007David Pell$75.00
11/7/2007Lawrence Finneran$65.00
11/7/2007Roanne Burech$50.00
11/7/2007David Carlott$200.00
11/7/2007Thomas DOuglas$100.00
11/7/2007Wyatt Hoffman$100.00
11/7/2007David Ellwood$100.00
11/7/2007Joe Campbell$100.00
11/7/2007Aaron Hawkins$100.00
11/7/2007Dawn Zenner$100.00
11/7/2007Stephen Decker$100.00
11/7/2007Dennis Powell$100.00
11/7/2007Stehpen Lawrence$100.00
11/7/2007Brenda Robertson$100.00
11/7/2007Zachary Blair$100.00
11/7/2007Robert Ice$100.00
11/7/2007Thomas Medovic$100.00
11/7/2007Jane McGaughy$100.00
11/7/2007Alan BIcker$100.00
11/7/2007David Dalzel$100.00
11/7/2007Allen Retton$100.00
11/7/2007Bernie Twigg$100.00
12/5/2007Roger Muncy$150.00
12/5/2007Nicholas Maroudas$150.00
12/5/2007John Richard White$150.00
12/5/2007Harry Keith White$150.00
12/5/2007Thomas White$150.00
12/5/2007Donald Hinkle$150.00
12/5/2007Randall Brumfield$150.00
12/5/2007Lewis Hall$150.00
12/5/2007Darrin McCormick$150.00
12/5/2007James Pyles$175.00
12/5/2007Ray Funkhouser$175.00
12/5/2007Stanley Foltz$175.00
12/5/2007Alan Brill$175.00
12/5/2007Leslie Barr$175.00
12/5/2007Steven Judy$175.00
12/5/2007Martha Smith$175.00
12/5/2007Jack Walters$175.00
12/5/2007Courtney Tusing$175.00
12/5/2007Thomas McNeill$175.00
12/5/2007Morris Homan$175.00
12/14/2007Ivan Hatcher$150.00
12/14/2007John Pat Fanning$150.00
12/14/2007Kyle Jones$150.00
12/26/2007Judy Williamson$100.00
12/26/2007Gregory Hartley$125.00
12/26/2007Ray Scites$100.00
12/26/2007Janet Lawson$150.00
12/26/2007Janet Lawson$35.00
12/26/2007James Bennett$150.00
12/26/2007Vier Hall$150.00
12/26/2007Larry Chapman$150.00
12/26/2007Richard Maze$150.00
12/26/2007Richard Morris$150.00
12/26/2007Francis Cain$150.00
12/26/2007Sandra Murphy$150.00
12/26/2007Thomas Heywood$150.00
12/26/2007Julia Chincheck$100.00
12/26/2007Edward McDevitt$100.00
12/26/2007Camden Seigrist$150.00
12/31/2007Glenn Fowler$150.00
5/4/2007Kara Cunningham$150.00
5/4/2007James Hayhurst, Jr.$150.00
1/24/2008David L. Sayre$250.00
1/24/2008Edward M. George$200.00
1/24/2008James G. Squibb$100.00
1/24/2008Sandra Petrella$100.00
1/24/2008John W. Moore, Jr.$100.00
1/24/2008James D. Entress$150.00
1/24/2008Jeffrey Grandstaff$50.00
1/24/2008Paul Becka$50.00
1/24/2008John W. Moore, Jr.$50.00
1/24/2008Jeffrey McCamic$50.00
 Subtotal of contributions of $250.00 or less$33,950.00

More than $250.00

4/16/2007 Full Name:  Jack Williams
Address:  Resident
PO Box 308
Hurricane, WV 25526

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Bank executive
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Putnam County Bank
Affiliation: (political committee only) 
5/4/2007 Full Name:  Richard Adams
Address:  Resident
52 Meadowcrest Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26101

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Bank Executive
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  United Bank
Affiliation: (political committee only) 
10/15/2007 Full Name:  Marshall Reynolds
Address:  Resident
Huntington, WV 25701
PO Box 4040
Huntington, WV 25729

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Businessman
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Champion Industries
Affiliation: (political committee only)  Bank director
10/26/2007 Full Name:  Doug Reynolds
Address:  Resident
219 Briarcliff Drive
Huntington, WV 25704

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Attorney
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Self employed
Affiliation: (political committee only)  bank director
11/7/2007 Full Name:  Vaughn Kiger
Address:  Resident
PO Box 29
Morgantown, WV 26507

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Businessman
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Dorsey and Kiger Associates
Affiliation: (political committee only)  Bank director
11/7/2007 Full Name:  John Fisher
Address:  Resident
111 Forest Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Professor
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  West Virginia University
Affiliation: (political committee only)  Bank director
11/7/2007 Full Name:  Paul Limbert
Address:  Resident
151 Seneca Road
Wheeling, WV 26003

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Bank Executive
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  WesBanco, Inc.
Affiliation: (political committee only)  board member
11/7/2007 Full Name:  C.V. Criss
Address:  Resident
433 Rector Road
Parkersburg, WV 26101

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  President
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Atlas Towing
Affiliation: (political committee only)  bank director
11/7/2007 Full Name:  James Gardill
Address:  Resident
408 Jefferson Road
Glen Dale, WV 26036

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Attorney
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Phillips, Gardill, and Kaiser
Affiliation: (political committee only)  bank director
1/24/2008 Full Name:  F.M. Dean Rohrig
Address:  Resident
413 Stealey Street
Middlebourne, WV 26149

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Attorney
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Self employed
Affiliation: (political committee only)  Bank director
1/24/2008 Full Name:  Roberrt M Dalessandri
Address:  Resident
510 W. Main Street
Dalton, PA 18414

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only)  Dean
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only)  Commonwealth Medical College
Affiliation: (political committee only)  Bank Director
1/31/2008 Full Name:  HBI- PAC
Address:  Resident
41 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Contributor's Job: (individual contributor only) 
Where Contributor Works: (individual contributor only) 
Affiliation: (political committee only) 
 Subtotal of all contributions of more than $250.00
Subtotal of all contributions of $250 or less
Total Contributions:

Other Income: Interest, Refunds, Miscellaneous Receipts

DateSource of IncomeType of ReceiptAmount
12/31/2007BB&TInterest income$1,891.83
9/17/2007U.S. TreasuryTax refund$4.58
  Total Other Income: $1,896.41

In-Kind Contributions

DateName and Contributor InformationDescription of ContributionValue
  Total In-Kind Contributions: $0


West Virginia Code: §3-8-5f. Loans to candidates, organizations or persons for election purposes.

"Every candidate, financial agent, person or association of persons or organization advocating or opposing the nomination or election of any candidate or the passage or defeat of any issue or item to be voted upon may not receive any money or any other thing of value toward election expenses except from the candidate, his or her spouse or a lending institution. All loans shall be evidenced by a written agreement executed by the lender, whether the candidate, his or her spouse, or the lending institution. Such agreement shall state the date and amount of the loan, the terms, including interest and repayment schedule, and a description of the collateral, if any, and the full names and addresses of all parties to the agreement. A copy of the agreement shall be filed with the financial statement next required after the loan is executed."

The loan agreement must include all items asked for in the statute. (See above.) The loan agreement does not have to follow a certain format; generally, if all the required information is listed, any format is acceptable. Candidates or political committees that take out a loan for the campaign through a bank or other commercial lending institution must include a copy of the loan agreement executed with that bank or institution. Candidates should not take out loans which are partially for personal use and partially for the campaign. It is almost impossible to keep reporting straight in this case. Any money a candidate contributes to his or her campaign committee with the hope of repayment must be treated as a loan and reported in this section. When a candidate determines that no further repayment can be expected, the loan can be reported as repaid in this section by entering the amount left to repay in the repayments column and reporting the same amount as a contribution from the candidate on Page 2. These loans must be executed in writing. Caution: Candidates may not carry outstanding loans from one campaign to the next. Each campaign is separate. Funds from a current campaign cannot be used to repay a loan from a previous campaign.

How To Report Loans

  1. Each loan for your campaign should be listed on a separate line. (Each time you loan money to the campaign or get a loan, it is considered to be a separate loan.) Include the following information ont he form below.
    1. loans(s) from prior reporting periods and the balance of each loan (Col A.) If a payment was made on the loan, list that in Col. C. Any loan that was repaid in previous reporting periods does not need to be listed.
    2. new loans, the amount (Col. B), any repayments (Col. C), and the balance (Col. D.)
  2. Attach a copy of the loan agreement for each loan received during the reporting period.

Loans (Continued)

Bank Loans: List name & address or financial institution
Candidate or Candidate's Spouse Loans: List name, residence and mailing address of person(s) making or cosigning loan
Column A
Balance of previous loan at end of period
Column B
Amount of new loan received during period
Column C
Repayments during period
Column D
Balance outstanding at end of period
Amount Date Amount Date Amount Amount
Loans Received Repayment of Loans Outstanding Loans
Totals: $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Itemized Expenditures

DateName of Person or Vendor And AddressPurposeAmount
4/16/2007 Committee to Elect Joe Manchin
PO Box 5202
Charleston, WV 25361
Candidate Contribution$1,000.00
4/26/2007 U.S. Treasury
Not applicable
Ogden, UT 82401
Tax expense$23.58
8/22/2007 Chapman Printing Company
PO Box 2029
Charleston, WV 25327
Office supplies$878.57
9/17/2007 U.S. Postmaster
Lee & Dickinson Streets
Charleston, WV 25301
Box rental fee$68.00
11/26/2007 Del. Richard Thompson
4625 Route 152
Lavalette, WV 25535
Candidate Contribution$1,000.00
3/14/2008 Financial Agent Federal Tax Deposit
PO Box 970030
St. Louis, MO 63917
1120-POL Tax$554.54
3/14/2008 WV State Tax Department
PO Box 1202
Charleston, WV 25324
3/25/2008 Committee to Elect Brenda Harper
13 South Gate Road
Charleston, WV 25314
Campaign Contribution$500.00
1/24/2008 Senator Earl Ray Tomblin
PO Box 116
Chapmanville, WV 25508
Candidate Contribution$500.00
  Total Expenditures: $4,681.69

Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds

DateCandidate Committee Name and YearAmount
 Total Receipts of Transfer of Excess Funds: $0.00

Disbursement of Excess Funds

DateName of candidate committee and election year disbursing excess fundsPurpose of DisbursementAmount
  Total Disbursement of Excess Funds: $0

Unpaid Bills

DateGroup or Firm AffiliationPurposeAmount
  Total Unpaid Bills: $0.00

Office Use Only
Filed With West Virginia Secretary of State
Friday, January 2, 2009 4:09:19 PM