State of West Virginia Campaign Financial Statement
(Long Form) in Relation to the 2010 Election Year

Candidate or Committee Name
Morgan Co. Republican Club
Candidate or Committee's Treasurer
Daryl Cowles
Political Party (for candidates)
Treasurer's Mailing Address (Street, Route, or P.O. Box)
2612 Martinsburg Road 
Office Sought (for Candidates)
City, State, Zip Code
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Daytime Phone #

Election Cycle Reporting Period (check one):

Primary - First Report
Due Mar 27-Apr 02, 2010
Pre-primary Report
Due Apr 26-Apr 30, 2010
Post-primary Report
Due May 24-Jun 23, 2010
General - First Report
Due Sep 20-Sep 24, 2010
Pre-general Report
Due Oct 18-Oct 22, 2010
Post-general Report
Due Nov 15-Dec 15, 2010

Check if Applicable:

Amended Report
You must also check box of appropriate reporting period
Final Report
Zero balance required.
PAC must also file Form F-6 Dissolution

Non-Election Cycle Reporting Period:

Annual Report 2010 Calendar Year
Due last Saturday in March or within 6 days thereafter

Report Totals

Fill in totals at the completion of the report.

RECEIPTS OF FUNDS: Totals for this Period
Contributions  $344.00
Monetary Contributions from all Fund-Raising Events +$3,054.00
Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds +$25.00
Total Monetary Contributions: =$3,423.00
In-Kind Contributions +$287.90
Total Contributions: =$3,710.90
Other Income  $0.00
Loans Received +$0.00
Total Other Income: =$0.00
Unpaid Bills  $0.00
Outstanding Loans +$0.00
Total Debts: =$0.00
(Add total contributions from all reports)
Beginning Balance
(ending balance from previous report)
Total Monetary Contributions +$3,423.00
Total Other Income +$0.00
Subtotal: a. =$5,049.20
Total Expenditures Paid  $3,120.69
Total Disbursements of Excess Funds +$0.00
Repayment of Loans +$0.00
Subtotal: b. =$3,120.69
Ending Balance:
(Subtotal a. - Subtotal b.)

*Cannot be negative balance
(Add total expenditures from all reports)

$250.00 or LESS

4/20/2009Gary Hofe$5.00
4/20/2009Kim Shambaugh$5.00
4/20/2009Roland Shambaugh Jr.$5.00
4/20/2009Thelma Taylor$8.00
5/18/2009Daryl Cowles$5.00
6/15/2009Ida Mae Kidwell$5.00
7/20/2009Stewart Taylor$5.00
8/1/2009Gerald Chaskes$5.00
8/1/2009Harold Knotts$5.00
8/1/2009Michael Ooten$5.00
8/1/2009John Westerfeld$5.00
8/1/2009Ida Mae Kidwell$5.00
8/1/2009Ruth Miller$1.00
8/17/2009Craig Blair$20.00
8/17/2009Pat Fields$10.00
8/17/2009BJ Ruppenthal$5.00
8/17/2009Virgil Ruppenthal$5.00
8/17/2009Glen Stotler$10.00
8/17/2009Stewart Taylor$5.00
9/21/2009Aaron Close$5.00
10/11/2009Frank Drake$5.00
10/11/2009Josi McCumbee$5.00
10/11/2009Dina Stotler$5.00
10/11/2009Daniel Wright$5.00
10/11/2009Mary Ann Wright$5.00
10/11/2009Sharon Whiehouse$5.00
11/16/2009Marty Helton$5.00
11/30/2009Mechelle Reed$5.00
1/11/2010Carl Cowgill $5.00
1/11/2010Terry Miller$5.00
1/11/2010Jean Miller$5.00
1/11/2010Frank Drake$5.00
1/11/2010Brad Close$5.00
1/11/2010Tommy Swaim$5.00
1/11/2010Janie Swaim$5.00
1/11/2010Rick Kesecker$5.00
1/11/2010Debra Kesecker$5.00
1/11/2010Ruth Miller$5.00
1/11/2010Janie Sirbaugh$5.00
1/11/2010Patricia Fields$5.00
1/11/2010Roland Shambaugh, Sr.$5.00
1/11/2010Vincent Shambaugh$5.00
1/11/2010Melanie Shambaugh$5.00
1/11/2010Charles Trump$5.00
1/11/2010Susan Trump$5.00
1/11/2010Isaac Bohrer$5.00
1/11/2010Penny Bohrer$5.00
1/11/2010Debra McLaughlin$5.00
1/11/2010Kevin McLaughlin$5.00
1/11/2010Erik Pritchard$5.00
1/11/2010Linda Pritchard$5.00
1/11/2010John Westerfeld$5.00
3/5/2010George McVey$5.00
3/5/2010Elaine McVey$5.00
3/5/2010Jeremy Golden$5.00
3/5/2010Stewart Taylor$5.00
3/5/2010Thelma Taylor$5.00
3/15/2010Frank Strader$5.00
3/15/2010Vivian Strader$5.00
3/15/2010Tricia Strader$5.00
3/15/2010Kimberly Jackson$5.00
3/15/2010Jason Ruppenthal$5.00
3/15/2010Marshall Younker$5.00
1/11/2010Kermit Ambrose$5.00
 Subtotal of contributions of $250.00 or less$344.00

More than $250.00

 Subtotal of all contributions of more than $250.00
Subtotal of all contributions of $250 or less
Total Contributions:

Fund-Raising Events

All monetary contributions received at a fundraiser must be reported in the Event Summary below.
If contributor's name and amount are not listed, the contribution must be turned over to the West Virginia General Revenue Fund. The only exception to this rule may apply to political party executive committees. (WV Code 3-8-5a).

Lincoln Day Dinner 2009 Event Summary

Date of Event: 4/18/2009 Total Monetary Contributions:  $1,840.00
Type of Event: Lincoln Day dinner Total Expenditures: -$1,057.45
Name of Place Held: American Legion Post # 60 NET RECEIPTS: =$782.55
Address of Place Held: Route 522 North
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Total In-Kind Contributions Related to the Fundraiser  $40.00

$250 or Less

4/18/2009Tom Close$45.00
4/18/2009Tim Close$40.00
4/18/2009J D Michael$45.00
4/18/2009Tommy Swaim$50.00
4/18/2009Rick & Debra Kesecker$45.00
4/18/2009Dave & Marilyn Hall$45.00
4/18/2009Vince & Melanie Shambaugh$45.00
4/18/2009Roland Shambaugh Sr.$25.00
4/18/2009Elmer & Julia McBee$45.00
4/18/2009Ruth Miller$22.50
4/18/2009Janie Sirbaugh$22.50
4/18/2009David & Brenda Feltner$45.00
4/18/2009Terry & Jean Miller$45.00
4/18/2009Jim Fritz$25.00
4/18/2009J P Kesecker$180.00
4/18/2009Glen Stotler$205.00
4/18/2009Greg Miller$22.50
4/18/2009Tonya Martz$22.50
4/18/2009Irv Miller$22.50
4/18/2009Laurah Miller$22.50
4/18/2009Kermit Ambrose$25.00
4/18/2009Debra McLaughlin$100.00
4/18/2009Marshall Eaton$45.00
4/18/2009Edith Shankle$25.00
4/18/2009Stewart & Thelma Taylor$45.00
4/18/2009Frank & Vivian Strader$45.00
4/18/2009Jerry McGraw$45.00
4/18/2009Carl Cowgill$50.00
4/18/2009Louie Herrell$50.00
4/18/2009Charles & Susan Trump$50.00
4/18/2009George McVey$100.00
4/18/2009Daryl Cowles$90.00
4/18/2009Tim Seims$25.00
4/18/2009John Yoder$25.00
4/18/2009Craig Blair$100.00
 Subtotal of event contributions of less than $250.00 $1,840.00

More than $250

 Event contributions of $250 or more: 
Event contributions of less than $250: 
Total Contributions: 

Ham & Dumpling Dinner 2009 Event Summary

Date of Event: 10/13/2009 Total Monetary Contributions:  $1,214.00
Type of Event: Ham & dumpling dinner Total Expenditures: -$173.00
Name of Place Held: Trinity-Asbury UMC Social Hall NET RECEIPTS: =$1,041.00
Address of Place Held: 123 Wilkes Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Total In-Kind Contributions Related to the Fundraiser  $213.50

$250 or Less

11/16/2009Carl Cowgill$20.00
10/13/2009Twana Olive$7.00
10/13/2009Jenny Scriever$7.00
10/13/2009Wayne Weber$14.00
10/13/2009Melanie Shambaugh$14.00
10/13/2009Dan James$7.00
10/13/2009Marti Harvey$14.00
10/13/2009Ronda Michael$14.00
10/13/2009Tony Link$7.00
10/13/2009Joe Nichols$7.00
10/13/2009Wade Shambaugh$7.00
10/13/2009Vince Shambaugh$8.00
10/13/2009Tina Byers$21.00
10/13/2009Joyce Spring$7.00
10/13/2009Cathy Spielman$7.00
10/13/2009Kim Nickles$7.00
10/13/2009Dave Michael$14.00
10/13/2009Debbie Ditto$7.00
10/13/2009Betty Harmison$7.00
10/13/2009Ida Mae Kidwell$25.00
10/13/2009Elmer McBee$7.00
10/13/2009Julia McBee$7.00
10/13/2009Audry Clark$7.00
10/13/2009Philip Stotler$7.00
10/13/2009Evelyn Stotler$7.00
10/13/2009Melinda Michael$7.00
10/13/2009Gregory Stotler$7.00
10/13/2009Robert Hess$7.00
10/13/2009Kate Eppinger$7.00
10/13/2009Eric Duckwall$7.00
10/13/2009Tom Close$7.00
10/13/2009Tim Close$7.00
10/13/2009Brad Close$7.00
10/13/2009Matt Close$7.00
10/13/2009Pick Staples$7.00
10/13/2009Jessica Close$7.00
10/13/2009Chris Smartt$7.00
10/13/2009Aaron Close$11.00
10/13/2009Debra McLaughlin$49.00
10/13/2009Stewart Taylor$7.00
10/13/2009Stewart Garber$7.00
10/13/2009Randolph Rollison$14.00
10/13/2009Marilyn Hall$21.00
10/13/2009Joyce Howe$21.00
10/13/2009Sharon Maggio$7.00
10/13/2009Alma Gorse$14.00
10/13/2009Bill Clark$7.00
10/13/2009Carol York$14.00
10/13/2009Ginger Johnson$7.00
10/13/2009Peggy Oakes$7.00
10/13/2009Maxie Maggio$7.00
10/13/2009Marty Rinehart$7.00
10/13/2009Bobbie McBee$7.00
10/13/2009Mary McBee$7.00
10/13/2009C. Parson$7.00
10/13/2009Becky Parson$7.00
10/13/2009Carla Ruppenthal$7.00
10/13/2009Dan Johnson$7.00
10/13/2009Sherrie Johnson$7.00
10/13/2009Susan Webster$14.00
10/13/2009Cindy Stotler$7.00
10/13/2009Susan Waugh$7.00
10/13/2009Francine Phillips$7.00
10/13/2009Tony Link$7.00
10/13/2009Irv Miller$14.00
10/13/2009Janet Staples$7.00
10/13/2009Jean Miller$14.00
10/13/2009Ward Dawson$7.00
10/13/2009Lynn Dawson$7.00
10/13/2009Bossie Ganoe$7.00
10/13/2009Blanche Dawson$7.00
10/13/2009Lynnette Golden$7.00
10/13/2009David Feltner$7.00
10/13/2009Kermit Ambrose$14.00
10/13/2009Kim Jackson$28.00
10/13/2009Terry Miller$21.00
10/13/2009Daniel Wright$13.00
10/13/2009Matthew Sword$7.00
10/13/2009Eileen Hovermale$21.00
10/13/2009John & Betty Stotler$14.00
10/13/2009Phil Spriggs$7.00
10/13/2009Phil Kesecker$21.00
10/13/2009Norma Lynch$14.00
10/13/2009Amy Litten$7.00
10/13/2009D.J. Golden$7.00
10/13/2009Dale Heironimus$14.00
10/13/2009Wendy McCoy$7.00
10/13/2009Sandi Largent$21.00
10/13/2009Kim Proffitt$7.00
10/13/2009Joyce Shirley$7.00
10/13/2009Joyce Youngblood$7.00
10/13/2009Dan James$7.00
10/13/2009Tommy Swaim$7.00
10/13/2009Tom Close$7.00
10/13/2009Todd Peer$7.00
10/13/2009Lynette Golden$7.00
10/13/2009Andy Jurick$14.00
10/13/2009Wayne Keefer$7.00
10/13/2009Tim Close$7.00
10/13/2009Rebecca Stotler$14.00
10/13/2009Marian Park$7.00
10/13/2009Richard Craig$10.00
10/13/2009Marty Rinehart$7.00
10/13/2009Tim Seims$7.00
10/13/2009Phyllis Moss$7.00
10/13/2009Tammy Redick$21.00
10/13/2009Vivian Strader$14.00
10/13/2009Pat Fields$21.00
10/13/2009Debra McLaughlin$7.00
10/13/2009Gary Hofe$7.00
10/13/2009Greg Miller$14.00
10/13/2009Glen Stotler$70.00
 Subtotal of event contributions of less than $250.00 $1,214.00

More than $250

 Event contributions of $250 or more: 
Event contributions of less than $250: 
Total Contributions: 

Other Income: Interest, Refunds, Miscellaneous Receipts

DateSource of IncomeType of ReceiptAmount
  Total Other Income: $0.00

In-Kind Contributions

DateName and Contributor InformationDescription of ContributionValue
10/13/2009Kermit AmbroseDinner rolls$21.00
10/13/2009Ike & Penny BohrerFlour, potatoes, cake, carryout trays$22.50
10/13/2009Pat FieldsOnions, cake, carrots, creamer$20.50
10/13/2009Gary HofeFlour, sugar$10.00
10/13/2009Kim JacksonCake$5.00
10/13/2009Rick & Debra KeseckerGreen beans, salt$18.50
10/13/2009Ida Mae KidwellSugar, tea bags$4.50
10/13/2009Kevin & Debra McLaughlinPotatoes, cake, salad dressing$28.00
10/13/2009Greg MillerrRolls$21.00
10/13/2009Vince & Melanie ShambaughVinegar, cake, black pepper$9.00
10/13/2009Tricia StraderButter, cake$7.00
10/13/2009Frank & Vivian StraderPaper towels$1.00
10/13/2009Janie SwaimEvaporated milk, coffee, wax paper$13.50
10/13/2009Stewart TaylorBags of ice$8.00
10/13/2009Jean MillerForks, plates, napkins, cups, cake, butter$24.00
5/30/2009Jean MillerSelf-inking stamp for check deposits$16.95
4/29/2009Tommy SwaimRegistered voter list for Morgan County$17.45
4/18/2009Jean MillerHappy Birthday Lincoln cake$40.00
  Total In-Kind Contributions: $287.90


West Virginia Code: §3-8-5f. Loans to candidates, organizations or persons for election purposes.

"Every candidate, financial agent, person or association of persons or organization advocating or opposing the nomination or election of any candidate or the passage or defeat of any issue or item to be voted upon may not receive any money or any other thing of value toward election expenses except from the candidate, his or her spouse or a lending institution. All loans shall be evidenced by a written agreement executed by the lender, whether the candidate, his or her spouse, or the lending institution. Such agreement shall state the date and amount of the loan, the terms, including interest and repayment schedule, and a description of the collateral, if any, and the full names and addresses of all parties to the agreement. A copy of the agreement shall be filed with the financial statement next required after the loan is executed."

The loan agreement must include all items asked for in the statute. (See above.) The loan agreement does not have to follow a certain format; generally, if all the required information is listed, any format is acceptable. Candidates or political committees that take out a loan for the campaign through a bank or other commercial lending institution must include a copy of the loan agreement executed with that bank or institution. Candidates should not take out loans which are partially for personal use and partially for the campaign. It is almost impossible to keep reporting straight in this case. Any money a candidate contributes to his or her campaign committee with the hope of repayment must be treated as a loan and reported in this section. When a candidate determines that no further repayment can be expected, the loan can be reported as repaid in this section by entering the amount left to repay in the repayments column and reporting the same amount as a contribution from the candidate on Page 2. These loans must be executed in writing. Caution: Candidates may not carry outstanding loans from one campaign to the next. Each campaign is separate. Funds from a current campaign cannot be used to repay a loan from a previous campaign.

How To Report Loans

  1. Each loan for your campaign should be listed on a separate line. (Each time you loan money to the campaign or get a loan, it is considered to be a separate loan.) Include the following information ont he form below.
    1. loans(s) from prior reporting periods and the balance of each loan (Col A.) If a payment was made on the loan, list that in Col. C. Any loan that was repaid in previous reporting periods does not need to be listed.
    2. new loans, the amount (Col. B), any repayments (Col. C), and the balance (Col. D.)
  2. Attach a copy of the loan agreement for each loan received during the reporting period.

Loans (Continued)

Bank Loans: List name & address or financial institution
Candidate or Candidate's Spouse Loans: List name, residence and mailing address of person(s) making or cosigning loan
Column A
Balance of previous loan at end of period
Column B
Amount of new loan received during period
Column C
Repayments during period
Column D
Balance outstanding at end of period
Amount Date Amount Date Amount Amount
Loans Received Repayment of Loans Outstanding Loans
Totals: $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Itemized Expenditures

DateName of Person or Vendor And AddressPurposeAmount
4/14/2009 Berkeley Springs-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce
127 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Tickets for Volunteer Day brunch$26.00
4/18/2009 Tommy Swaim
1671 Fairview Drive
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Purchase of GPS for gift to Glen Stotler from Club$100.00
4/18/2009 CJ Florist
50 Independence Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Flowers for Lincoln Day Dinner$75.00
4/18/2009 American Legion Auxiliary
Route 522 North
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Catering meal for Lincoln Day Dinner$882.45
4/18/2009 Dennis Morris
PO Box 1
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Speaker for Lincoln Day Dinner$100.00
5/5/2009 Morgan Messenger
16 North Mercer Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Newspaper advertisement for May meeting$27.00
5/18/2009 Pleasant View Community Center
c/o Kenny Sims
10800 Martinsburg Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Use of community center for monthly meeting$50.00
7/11/2009 Apple Butter Festival
127 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Application fee for participation in Apple Butter Festival$75.00
7/20/2009 Great Cacapon Volunteer Fire Company
PO Box 247
Great Cacapon, WV 25422
Use of Great Cacapon Grove for July meeting$25.00
8/1/2009 Ruth Miller
2104 Martinsburg Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for ham hocks for H&D Dinner$28.00
8/1/2009 Morgan County 4H Club
c/o Morgan County Extension Office
129 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Cake purchased at 4H auction at County Fair$90.00
8/17/2009 Jean Miller
136 Lawyer Lane
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for giveaways for County Fair$231.58
9/17/2009 Pat Fields
3778 Fairview Drive
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for chicken for August meeting$52.96
9/21/2009 Debra McLaughlin
233 Top Meadow Lane
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for web site fee$197.00
10/5/2009 Craig Blair
167 Wasser Drive
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Reimbursement for "I Love MC Apple Butter Festival" stickers$461.70
10/13/2009 Trinity-Asbury United Methodist Church
PO Box 672
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Rental of social hall for H&D Dinner$75.00
10/13/2009 Ruth Miller
2104 Martinsburg Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for additional ham hocks for H&D Dinner$54.00
10/19/2009 Pat Fields
3778 Fairview Drive
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for cabbage for H&D Dinner$16.00
10/19/2009 Rotary Club
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Purchase of commemorative bricks for sidewalk at new courthouse$100.00
10/19/2009 Daryl Cowles
2612 Martinsburg Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Reimbursement for giveaway apples for Apple Butter Festival$128.00
3/17/2010 Chamber of Commerce
127 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Tickets for Volunteer Day 2010$26.00
3/17/2010 American Legion Post 60
Route 522
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Hall rental for Lincoln Day Dinner 2010$300.00
  Total Expenditures: $3,120.69

Receipt of a Transfer of Excess Funds

DateCandidate Committee Name and YearAmount
4/18/2009Pat Fields$25.00
 Total Receipts of Transfer of Excess Funds: $25.00

Disbursement of Excess Funds

DateName of candidate committee and election year disbursing excess fundsPurpose of DisbursementAmount
  Total Disbursement of Excess Funds: $0

Unpaid Bills

DateGroup or Firm AffiliationPurposeAmount
  Total Unpaid Bills: $0.00

Office Use Only
Filed With West Virginia Secretary of State
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 10:18:46 AM