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Charitable Organization — Detail

Public Advocate of the United States

Type: Charity
Other Names: Public Advocate
Contact: Eugene Delgaudio
Address: 5613 Leesburg Pike
Suite 17

Falls Church , VA 22041-2912
Phone: 703-845-1808
Fax: 703-845-1990
Web Site:
Date Established: 11/09/1977
Registration Expires: 01/08/2017
Purpose: To promote social welfare and the well-being of the US by striving for the improvement of our political and governmental institutions and processes; the ordering of national priorities; and the attainment of governmental policies responsive to the needs o
Tax Information
IRS Exempt: Yes
Tax Deductible: Yes
Registered in Other States: AL CT KY NY OR SC VA WA
Restrictions On Solicitations
Enjoined: No
Enjoined States:
Financial Information
Contributions Amount Percent of Contributions
WV Contributions: $0.00 0.0%
Total Contributions: $1,613,693
Disbursements Amount Percent of Disbursements
Administrative Disbursements: $255,026 14.8%
Fundraising Disbursements: $213,887 12.4%
Program Disbursements: $1,258,730 72.9%
Total Disbursements: $1,727,643 100.0%
WV Program Disbursements: $0.00 0.0%

For more information, please contact the Secretary of State's Office at 304-558-6000.

Associated Fundraisers

*NOTICE: The West Virginia Secretary of State's Office makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of information. However, we make no representation or warranty as to the correctness or completeness of the information. Please contact Charities at 304-558-8000 if you have any questions regarding the information provided.

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