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WV Parkways Authority
Date/Time: 5/9/2019 -- 10:30 AM
Tamarack Conference Center
One Tamarack Park
Beckley, WV  25801
Purpose: To consider and act upon all matters that may properly come before a meeting of the Parkways Authority Board. These matters may include discussion of and possible Board action on the following: Approval of the minutes of the April 4, 2019 Board Meeting;

Approval for HNTB to design the following projects: BDR-1-21 - (bridge deck replacement - Bridge 3006S at MP 13.73); BDR2-21 (bridge deck replacement - Bridge 3021S at MP 31.44); BDR3-21 - (bridge deck replacement - Bridge 3021N, MP 31.44); BDR-4-21 - (bridge deck replacement - Bridge 3022S, MP 33.93); TPR-1-19 (Toll Plaza Steps in Tunnels);TC-1-20 (Tree Cutting); BP-2-20 (Bridge Painting Bridges 3019N and 3020N); and BBCR-1-20 (Pax Toll Plaza Canopy Roof); Discussion regarding and questions pertaining to HNTBs Annual Report, motion by Authority to accept such report; Presentation of and discussion/questions pertaining to Parkways Draft Equipment Budget for FY 2019/2020 and Parkways Draft Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2019/2020; Approval to award Contracts BP-1-20 (bridge painting for bridges 3012 N&S) and BFR-1-20 (bridge and facility retrofit);

Selection of firm to provide Investment Management and/or Custodial Services; Travelers Marketing Courtesy Patrol Sponsor Agreement; Toll System Upgrade Discussion of and possible decision to award the Technical Services Contract for Toll Consultant for upgrade/replacement of roadway and back office operations performed by toll department and the Customer Service Center; Ratification and confirmation of the execution of the Extension of Gasoline Operator Agreement for service stations at Travel Plazas; Ratification and confirmation of the Extension of Trucker Showers Staffing Service Agreement at Beckley Travel Plaza; Ratification and confirmation of the Extension of Tamarack Facility Staffing Services Agreement with WC Workshop, Inc.; Discussion of and possible decision regarding the proposed HMS Host Starbucks Remodels; Report on the progress of the Camp Creek Area Speed Limit Change and Safety Study; and Other items which may become apparent or need attention and may be added to the business agenda of the meeting; attention is called to the fact that the agenda of the meeting will be available three days in advance by calling 304-926-1900 or at the website; items of business may be added to the agenda up to 48 hours prior to the date of the meeting. The Authority reserves the right to vote by proper motion to go into executive session for appropriate and lawful reasons.

Meeting was approved : 5/1/2019 3:22:53 PM

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — 4:44 PM