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West Virginia University Board of Governors
Date/Time: 9/21/2018 -- 8:30 AM
Barnette BOG Room, Erickson Alumni Center, Morgantown, WV
Purpose: 1. Call to Order; 2. WVU Foundation Update; 3. WVU Foundation Investment Report; 4. Academic Affairs Updates; 5. Discussion/Action - Approval of Board of Governors Finance and Administration Rules 5.2 Capital Improvement Management, 5.3 Emergency Management and Campus Safety, and 5.4 Campus Facilities Plan; 6. Discussion/Action Notice of Proposed Rulemaking For these current Board of

Governors Policies and/or Rules: a. BOG Policy 10 Student Rights and

Responsibilities; b. BOG Policy 14 Reduced Tuition & Fees for Residents at least 65 years old; c. BOG Policy 20 Student Tuition & Fee Waivers; d. BOG Policy 21 Funding of Intercollegiate Athletics; e. BOG Policy 25A Surplus Property WVU; f. BOG Policy 25B Surplus Property Regionals; g. BOG Policy 31 University Student Code and Discipline Policy; h. BOG Policy 33 Computer Donation Program; i. BOG Policy 39 Assessment, Payment, and Refund of Fees; j. BOG Policy 43 Investment

Policy (proposal to amend as BOG Finance and Administration Rule 5.10 Investments); k. BOG Policy 52 Debt Policy (proposal to amend as BOG Finance and Administration Rule 5.11 Debt); l. BOG Academic Rule 2.3 Undergraduate Admissions; and m. BOG Faculty Rule 4.5 Modification of Duties For Certain Full- Time Faculty; Extension of Tenure-Clock - Additionally, three new Rules have been proposed for Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. These are: West Virginia University Board of Governors Finance and Administration Rule 5.12 Disposition of Property; West Virginia University Board of Governors Finance and Administration Rule 5.13 Tuition and Fees, Waivers, Payment and Reductions; and West Virginia University Board of Governors BOG Student Life Rule 6.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities; Student Conduct; 7. Executive Session, under authority in West Virginia Code Sections 6-9A-4(b)(2)(A), (b)(9), and (b)(12) to discuss: (a) Legal, personnel, and deliberative matters; (b) Matters not considered public records; (c) Matters related to construction planning, commercial competition matters, the purchase, sale or lease of property, and/or the investment of public funds; 8. Discussions Emanating from Executive Session if any; 9. Approval of minutes for the June 21, 2018 Regular Meeting; 10. Committee Reports for (a) September 20, 2018 Audit Committee Meeting, (b) September 20, 2018 Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee Meeting, and (c) September 20, 2018 Joint Finance and Facilities and Revitalization and Strategic Plans and Initiatives Committee Meeting; 11. Presidents Report; 12. Information Items (Written Only) including: a. Report on Real Estate Transactions Fourth Quarter of FY 2017-2018, and b. Major Capital Projects Update; 13. Consent Agenda (for Board Review and Action) including a. Entry of Institutional Undergraduate Fee Waivers and Institutional Graduate and Professional Fee Waivers, b. Renaming of Buildings; c. Lease of Parcel for Expansion of Mountaineer Station by WVU Hospitals, Inc. (WVU Hospitals), d. ROTC Relocation to Evansdale Campus, e. B&E Start-up Engine; f. Amendment of Lease with WVU Hospitals, Inc. (WVU Hospitals) for Construction of WVU Medicine Childrens Tower, g. Appointment to County Extension Committees and h. Appointment of BOG Committees; 14. Other Business and General Discussion; 15. Plans for November 9, 2018 meeting in Morgantown; and 16. Adjournment

Other items may become apparent or need attention and may be added to the business agenda of the meeting; attention is called to the fact that the agenda of the meeting will be available three days in advance by calling 304-293-2562 or at the website: - items of interest may be added to the agenda up to 48 hours prior to the date of meeting.

Meeting was approved : 9/12/2018 2:39:26 PM

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